About The Boreal Museum

About The Boreal Museum

Passion and Expertise
The Boreal Museum

Based in Thunder Bay, The Boreal Museum is nestled in the heart of Northwestern Ontario.

We are a local start-up company with a passion for Natural History and the Sciences. We saw a need for more accessibility to education, particularly in the sciences in our community and are doing our best to make the world a little bit smarter, one person at a time.

Initialized in November 2019 by Jason Feller and some passionate people, the Boreal Museum aims to bring awareness and increase the accessibility of hands of science education for kids and adults alike.

Our current focus is on creating science kits, and science moments that can be enjoyed at home, until we can obtain a physical space to create larger exhibits.

We are so thankful to our community, and love seeing people turning into life-long learners!


Experience History
at The Boreal Museum

We at The Boreal Museum love to see participants experience joy, as well as a spark of excitement for learning.

Our mission at The Boreal Museum is to inspire and educate our community. By creating interactive educational moments we want to tell, and preserve, the story of our area and natural habitats world wide. Inspiring a future generation to become life-long learners, and helping future generations understand our world, climate, and even sometimes beyond. We want to keep growing in our community, to be able to reach wider and wider audiences. To inspire, to educate, and to cultivate, learning and a love for science and natural history.